LIMELIGHT: Is iOS 11 a work in progress? – 6 second ads are coming

@social | 22 Sep 2017

Your Bitmoji is now even more like you, 6 second ads are coming and IKEA is taking full advantage of the iOS update. To see why everybody is loving Netflix's cease and desist letter and(...)

LIMELIGHT: Canvas Comes to Instagram – YouTube’s New Look

@social | 08 Sep 2017

YouTube has got a new feel to it. Instagram Stories come to Facebook and canvas ads come to Instagram. For more and to see what type of shop popped up on the side of a cliff(...)

LIMEIGHT: An Unexpected Guest At TEDx – AND TAY IS BACK

@social | 25 Aug 2017

360 images come to cover photos, Instagram get another new Face Filter and there was an unexpected guest speaker at a recent TEDx event(...)

Limelight: A Different Way To Target On Facebook – And The Latest Viral Film

@social | 03 Aug 2017

Well, have we got a lot of news for you.. LinkedIn are updating their rules on video and multiple images in one post! Snapchat Stories turned 1 and were taking a look at the latest (and sweetest) viral video on the internet(...)

LIMELIGHT: Ads Land In Facebook Messenger – And Supermacs Gets Cheeky

@social | 21 Jul 2017

Groups are getting easier for page admins. Snapchat wants to make the process of creating ads easier for you and British Airways raise awareness for Comic Relief with Britain’s most treasured celebrities. For more(...)

LIMELIGHT: Instagram Copies Snapchat AGAIN – And Your FB Feed Is Set For A Big Change

@social | 07 Jul 2017

  What’s in the Limelight this week? Heineken shows you can have fun without alcohol. Nike wants to bring their expanding volume of Instagram followers closer to their shoes and there’s a simpler way of creating a customised Snapchat geofilter. For more, keep scrolling! What’s On… Cannes-alysis – 17th July We Are Human (Marketing & Advertising Summit) – […]

Viral Trends

@social | 30 Jun 2017

Imagine trying to explain to someone from 100 years ago a world in which we’d all be walking around with tiny robot devices in our pockets, communicating with our friends via finger swipes and getting into fights with total strangers who(...)


@social | 23 Jun 2017

Snapchat has introduced Snap Maps which is very similar to Find My Friends. Linkedin is letting you use images in comments. Fanta bottle got a makeover and Instagram added a handy new feature for their Live videos(...)


@social | 09 Jun 2017

Airbnb release their report about how impactful The Acceptance Ring was and Facebook is developing a messaging app for over 13s. We're seeing what is being implemented to prevent Ireland becoming the most(...)


@social | 29 May 2017

We're learning all about the origins of the humble hashtag, reliving some risky brand comebacks and checking out Snapchat's newest feature. To find out what the Sydney Opera House looked like this morning(...)

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