Junior/Mid-Level Developer Wanted

@admin | 30 Nov 2017

We’re looking for a junior-to-mid level developer for a fast-paced digital agency that’s constantly coming up against fun and exciting challenges who’ll bring something unique to our team. We want someone with the ability to adapt to incoming, constantly-changing projects and use their initiative on certain things. Someone who’s approachable, works well with others, and […]


@social | 28 Nov 2017

eightytwenty (a WPP agency) is a digital centric agency working with ambitious clients who want to accelerate their growth. Blending the disciplines of creative, media and(...)

Rule of Thumb – Social Media – An eightytwenty podcast

@social | 09 Nov 2017

Rule of Thumb is a podcast series that will provide some of the latest practices applied on social media driven by mobile and the thumb stopping behaviour of people, that is creating a new norm, a new rule of thumb(...)

LIMELIGHT: Instagram’s SUPER ZOOM – Creepy Movies from Mars

@social | 27 Oct 2017

It’s Halloween so naturally brands are getting into the scary spirit! Instagram are ZOOMING in on you big time and there will be no privacy in politics on Twitter anymore. For more, keeping scrolling(...)

2 Art Directors Wanted (Full-time and Freelance)

@admin | 27 Oct 2017

We’re looking for two mid-to-senior art directors with a strong digital and social background to join our Studio team. One of the positions is full time, the other several months of freelance. The roles revolve around collaborating with our team of copywriters, designers, animators and developers to produce TTL campaigns and digital content for industries ranging from […]

LIMELIGHT: Burger King Troll McDonalds – The Academic Embrace FB Live Time Delay

@social | 06 Oct 2017

What’s In The LimeLight Today? Instagram plant a new feature in Stories. Burger King continue to troll McDonalds and The Academic take advantage of Facebook Live’s long time delay. For more, keep scrolling! What Is New Hacking Snapchat’s Countdown So you know the countdown clock snapchat published earlier this week that has us all waiting in […]

LIMELIGHT: Is iOS 11 a work in progress? – 6 second ads are coming

@social | 22 Sep 2017

Your Bitmoji is now even more like you, 6 second ads are coming and IKEA is taking full advantage of the iOS update. To see why everybody is loving Netflix's cease and desist letter and(...)

LIMELIGHT: Canvas Comes to Instagram – YouTube’s New Look

@social | 08 Sep 2017

YouTube has got a new feel to it. Instagram Stories come to Facebook and canvas ads come to Instagram. For more and to see what type of shop popped up on the side of a cliff(...)

LIMEIGHT: An Unexpected Guest At TEDx – AND TAY IS BACK

@social | 25 Aug 2017

360 images come to cover photos, Instagram get another new Face Filter and there was an unexpected guest speaker at a recent TEDx event(...)

Limelight: A Different Way To Target On Facebook – And The Latest Viral Film

@social | 03 Aug 2017

Well, have we got a lot of news for you.. LinkedIn are updating their rules on video and multiple images in one post! Snapchat Stories turned 1 and were taking a look at the latest (and sweetest) viral video on the internet(...)

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