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Limelight Vol.127 March 2017



March 10, 2017



What is in the Limelight this week?

This week we’re getting creative with 360 videos. We were looking for some messenger apps fitted for a Fine Gael party and found one! We check out what Twitter has in store for St. Patrick’s Day and see what crop could make it to Mars. For more keep scrolling!

What’s On…

SXSW – 10-19 March

Banter: Social Media Behaviour – 30 March

Listen to…

The team at Ad Week discuss the virtues of realtime social content in light of Denny’s latest record-breaking tweet. Is this amazing marketing or simply a shot in the dark? They also discuss MWC, International Women’s Day, Coke’s best ad in a long time and why Tequila is the perfect drink for the end of the world.

What’s New?

On the back of viewability and measurement concerns, Facebook has signalled it is taking the final steps to dissolve its Atlas platform into the wider business with the launch of a new tool called Advanced Measurement which will be added to its Business Manager platform.

Advanced measurement will make it easier to compare the effectiveness of Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network alongside other publishers. The technology uses consistent tracking across your online advertising and builds a holistic picture of how your reach and impact builds across them. Its USP is that through the use of Facebook login data it can be far more confident of identifying real, unique humans than anyone relying solely on cookies. Read Jerry Daykin’s piece for more here


It wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without trying to make anything in your path Irish or just green in general (shamrock shakes, were looking at you). Twitter is embracing their Irishness by introducing St. Patrick’s Day themed stickers and a special hashtag for one week. Get using those stickers!

Watch out for…

Threema a secure messenger app, spotted being used by a number of Irish media at the moment. Threema is designed to generate as little data on servers as possible: Groups and contact lists are solely managed on users’ devices, messages are immediately deleted after delivery. This effectively prevents the collection of metadata. Each Threema user generates a random Threema ID. No phone number or email address is required in order to use Threema. This enables you to use Threema completely anonymously, thus the media’s use for source tip-offs. Perhaps Fine Gael should leave Whatsapp for Theerma.

Instagram are starting to roll out geotagged stickers in Instagram Stories. Hopefully, it’s not too long before they make their way over to Ireland!

In other news

No wonder our little island lived and breathed the potato. This humble crop is making waves at NASA while they search for a food source which can grow on Mars. Granted the type of potato they’re testing has been engineered to stand a harsh terrain so it’s not a pure potato but my gosh are we proud of this little crop our ancestors depended on so much.

Do not mess with Ruby Walsh. If you troll him on Twitter, he will hunt you down and make you jump off a moving car for €20 just to prove a point.

Many are just getting used to the idea of contactless payment and paying with your phone but now a tech company has created a wearable payment tool…. a ring. Do you think this is a good idea or would you be in fear of losing it anytime you left the house?

Kerv Ring

See you next week! -eightytwenty social team

March 10, 2017


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