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Limelight Vol.128 March 2017



March 22, 2017

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What’s in the Limelight this week?

Heinz has run with Mad Men’s Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce’s pitch idea. We can finally reveal our latest work with Guinness Storehouse. Can’t make it to SXSW? IAPI has got your back. James Blunt makes fun of himself to help sell his latest album and every TD in the country was asked a VERY serious question this week. For more, just keep scrolling!

Our work… 

March is normally a busy time at the Home of Guinness hosting their annual St. Patricks Festival, even more so this year, with a money can’t buy experience. We’re delighted a very special piece of work went live whereby Guinness Storehouse will hand the keys over to one lucky winner for a ‘Night at Guinness Storehouse’ partnering with Airbnb. Stay tuned for more in the comings weeks.


What’s On…

SXSW remains one the of the top emerging technology events globally with the most interesting and influential people from tech, adland and beyond.

On April 7th IAPI will host ‘Direct from SXSW – Key Trends 2017’ with Nigel Gwilliam Consultant Head of Media and Emerging Technology, IPA London. The event takes place at Poetry Ireland, 11 Parnell Square East, Dublin 1


What’s new…

Twitter have updated which @ replies you get notified with. In your notification settings check out the advanced settings where you decide if you want to get notification from users with a default profile or an unverified mobile number or an unverified email or who you don’t follow. Could this be a brilliant step forward for Twitter and anti-bullying or will this ruin Twitter’s sense of accessibility to communicate with a huge amount of users on the platform.

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In other news…

The North Face has teamed up with Spotify to supply American with a new song from White Denim. However, there’s a catch. You can only hear this tune when it’s raining. It’s monitored by GPS, so no, you won’t be able to hear the song by simply standing in the shower.

The Wild Detectives want you to fall for the bait then fall for the book. The Dallas bookstore posted click bait articles that put a modern twist on novels. When you click on the bait, you are brought to a blog which contains the entire book. They understand you probably won’t read the whole thing but they hope you stay around long enough to fall for the book. They’ve cleverly named it. “Litbait“.

Who knew that in New Zealand there is a street art capital? Lonely Planet, that’s who. In a recent book, they show some of the art scattered around Christchurch.

Mad Men’s pitch idea has finally been used in the real world and will be on billboards and newspapers for the world/only really America to see. Back in series 6 of the hit TV show, two characters made a pitch to Heinz with an idea years before its time. The idea? To not even include the product.

James Blunt fully understands that it can be quite tough being a fan of his and he’s embracing that fact. In his advertisement for his latest album, he’s helping his fans come to terms with their music taste.

One journalist, Amy O’Connor, sent quite an interesting questionnaire around to every TD in Ireland. Sadly only a disappointing 37 replied but some of the replies were golden. Check out more of them here and see her favourite below!


See you next week! – Eightytwenty Social Team

March 22, 2017


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