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Our Playlist: #ThrowbackThursday


November 23, 2016


Before you say it, we know what you’re feeling! You woke up this morning thinking yes, it’s finally here. It’s Friday. Sweet. Glorious. Weekend. You took one step out of bed only to have reality sink in. Thursday. Like the day before Christmas Eve! It’s necessary but do you’d rather it wasn’t there at all.

Well like any good creative agency, we decided to put a different spin on things to hopfully brighten your day.

Now as far as playlists go, today is fairly synonymous with the almighty “Throwback” and we aren’t going to stop until we’ve covered all grounds. Which is exactly what we bring you. Covers! As selected by our Creative Director and resident frenchie Alexis Boukaert.

So sit back, listen and try to smile. Sure, it’s almost Friday!

November 23, 2016

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