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eightytwenty America First, Ireland Second

The Idea

During his inauguration speech Donald Trump vowed to make “America first” again.

This statement proved to be the catalyst for an international response that mocked this notion under the guise of support for it.

With other nationalities pledging their allegiance to the flag, we felt it was our duty to help make that change, and present our case to be number two to his number one.

With all the other videos coming from international TV channels, studios, and comedy shows, we noticed that there was no representation from Ireland, which we saw as an opportunity to jump in and showcase our worth.

The Tone

Mr Trump has his own very unique set of opinions and beliefs…

In an attempt to “impress” him we knew we needed to look at Ireland through his eyes.

Re-evaluating our history, culture, ethics, and our famous faces to appeal to POTUS 45.

Our aim was to find the common threads between our two great nations, and as we went through our rationale we ultimately decided that with so much in common, wouldn’t it just make more sense for us to become part of Trumpland itself as his 51st state?

The Look

The visual content of the piece is a mixture of static images, animations, video footage and illustrations all tightly aligned to the script.

Creating custom animations paired with the use of stock images and footage allowed us to demonstrate just how absurd the connotations of Mr Trump’s comments and ideologies truly are.

We needed a voice of a nation, someone who could bring that distinctive Trump vocal range to life, finding it in renowned impressionist Oliver Callan of “Callan’s Kicks” who agreed to lend one of his voices to the piece with post production house Raygun also contributing to the project.

eightytwenty America First, Ireland Second

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