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Asthma Asthma Coach

The Brief

Ireland has the fourth highest incidence of asthma in the world with approximately 470,000 people living with asthma, of which 60% do not have their symptoms controlled. Asthma is a controllable disease with the right treatment and management.

There was a need from our target audience for something simple and convenient to use, yet advanced enough that it could actually help with their Asthma. Through development of a smartphone app, and promotion through social media, we felt we could change the way asthma sufferers managed their asthma.

The Work

The app allowed users to record and track their asthma symptoms, medication usage and peak flow in the form of a diary in order to help them control their condition. Users can also share this record, and resulting graphs of their asthma activities with their doctor.

Following development of the app we wanted to ensure that the app got into the hands of asthma sufferers. One of the main vehicles for this was through social media. We identified social influencers who are affected by asthma, both asthma sufferers themselves and family members, and encouraged them to share the app through social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. In a pre-launch campaign coinciding with World Asthma Day we saw a reach of over 365K in 24 hours from our social media campaign.

Since launch the Asthma Coach App has been consistently in the top 5 medical Apps in Ireland and has been a featured App a number of times on the Apple App Store and won an award for Innovation in Healthcare earlier this year.

Asthma Asthma Coach

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