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Bank of Ireland Think Business

The Challenge

Our challenge was to plan and deliver a dedicated strategic online resource that would allow Bank of Ireland (BOI) to be more relevant to the demands of the Irish SME and start-up market.

Creating an online publishing product would allow BOI to reach new and existing audiences with more authority by creating meaningful content for business owners with on-demand needs. The online resource would answer trending concerns and milestone issues within the SME lifecycle.

There was an urgency to fulfil the demands of the audience. To this end we defined, built and approved concepts within days by using accelerated prototyping to allow multiple BOI stakeholders and our project team to collaborate. This is a collaborative accelerated framework we call labs.


The Insight

Many SME owners need answers and support when it comes to running a business. The need for business advice had never been greater as SME businesses in Ireland continued to see substantial growth and start-ups were thriving, with the highest recorded number in Ireland since 2007.

Market research, audience interviews, user testing and expert advice showed that many questions SMEs had related to the challenges facing them, such as: finance, resource management, IT and marketing.

The Idea

To make ThinkBusiness.ie a key pillar of Bank of Ireland’s inbound marketing strategy. We attracted visitors, and continue to do so, through an integrated social strategy to drive inbound awareness. This is done through targeted social display to build a community of readers.

The online publishing product would use a bespoke CMS and front-end design via the WordPress platform. This would allow BOI to operate its content strategy and provide an on-going essential information service to SME and micro businesses. The vision was to launch ThinkBusiness.ie as an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and evolve it to a full utilities based product that could ultimately manage one to one customer and prospect relationships through personalised content. This would be achieved through horizon planning for each evolution.

The Work

Our content and UI design allows users to quickly self-identified by business needs or challenges they are facing in the business lifecycle and find exclusive content relevant to them.

Our UX approach to ThinkBusiness.ie was about mobile accessibility with cross-platform responsiveness and ease of sharing for the modern business owner. Emphasis was on delivery of meaningful content that includes evergreen tools, guides and thought leadership that help owners start, run and grow their business.

We helped plan content creation and governance to support the creation of a content team that has leading journalists in the business sector. This allows content to be produced daily and has become a popular destination for business owners in Ireland.

Unlike other business support sites, the content applies a broad range of issues and topics through articles, tools, check lists and templates. It doesn’t alienate industry sectors and allows concepts and ideas to be understood by business owners who are either looking for a quick idea or solutions.

The Results

ThinkBusiness received over consistent high levels of visits. Generated reach in Facebook and Twitter on a weekly basis.

Since its launch ThinkBusiness has delivered and secured brand value and relevancy with multiple online audiences and improved segmentation and targeted messaging by engaging with customers through their preferred channels. The most recent horizon addition has been sign-up and competitions.

The success of the online publishing product drives the development towards a personalised marketing channel strategy with a tailored content offering for SMEs.

Bank of Ireland Think Business

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