Our work
Carphone Warehouse Christmas is…

The Challenge

Our brief from Carphone Warehouse was twofold. To drive footfall to online and physical stores at Christmas. And to help the brand communicate in a more emotive way than it had  the previous years.

The Insight

Carphone Warehouse wasn’t being considered by Christmas shoppers unless they were looking to buy a phone for someone. A perception which by default, narrowed down the profile of customers.

The Idea

One of the greatest pleasures at Christmas is the gift of giving.

We leveraged the little known fact that Carphone Warehouse has much more to offer than handsets at Christmas. There’s a whole range of great presents you can get your loved ones: games consoles, earphones, phone accessories, mobile plans…

So you could say that at Carphone Warehouse…

Christmas is a gift for everyone.

The Work

How do you create an emotive Christmas campaign without a gargantuan film production?
Make it real, and make it engaging.

We ran a competition on social media offering consumers to nominate a loved one for a gift. Then invited both to collect it in a store.

Little did they know we’d transformed the store into a Christmas wonderland, filled with personalise gifts and surprises…chosen based on insights we’d garnered from their social profiles.

We filmed the experience and created a suite of emotive videos for online and TV, as well harder-selling formats used TTL.

The Results

Reaching over 2 million impressions across TV, VOD and social, the campaign had a recall of 88%, prompting customers to visit stores.

The display ads exceeded three times the industry average earning the website a total of 23.6 million impressions.

More importantly, this enabled Carphone Warehouse to highlight itself as a brand synonymous with bringing a unique Christmas experience through the creative interpretation of data.

Ho ho ho!

Carphone Warehouse Christmas is…

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