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Creativity has no off switch.


November 8, 2016



It should come at no surprise that a creative agency can be a bit of a manic environment to work in from time to time. There are deadlines to be met, concepts to be developed and clients to be awed!

But here in eightytwenty we pride ourselves on the work our people do! Each member of staff strives to bring to the best idea to the table to ensure the greatest work is done. And luckily for us, this creative thinking doesn’t clock off once we leave the office!

And with that nice little intro, we’d like to introduce you to our senior designer Hernan.

Hernan is a prime example that when you truly love the work you do, it no longer becomes work at all. His surreal approach to life can be seen in his artwork which is also well…surreal! See some of his work featured in the exhibition below.



“An imaginary creature of superior size which doesn’t fit in a society of small people. In other words…you” – Our Senior Designer, Hernan.


It is with great pride that we announce that this legend is going to have his artwork revealed in the Tate Modern on November 7th as part of their Instagram event “TellYourStory”.

Yep that’s right. Whilst the majority of us use Instagram to slap a filter on our breakfast, transformation photos or shameless poses, Hernan uses it to display his monsters or giants with the world.

His Giants of the World series originates from the concept of what it means to be a “giant.”

He eloquently put it that a giant is “an imaginary creature of superior size which doesn’t fit in a society of small people. In other words…you”.

Well Hernan, you can go ahead and add the word philosopher to your title on LinkedIn with that description!

With the utmost sincerity from the entire team here, we are delighted for you and have “GIANT” respect for this outstanding accomplishment…Sorry! Couldn’t resist!

Oh and if you’d like to purchase any of these gorgeous prints, Hernan’s Etsy page is linked here. 🙂





November 8, 2016

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