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How to run a different type of Facebook competition



February 12, 2011

Facebook has implemented a number of changes over the past 12-18 months which has affected brands in different ways. The biggest “update” has been the drop in reach, but another big change was the move to allow brands to run competitions off the wall and newsfeed, rather than having to be administered through a Facebook app. Here we look at running a different kind of Facebook competition using a little hack of Facebook functionality.

The change to wall competitions has been both good and bad. It allows brands and agencies to run competitions in a much more cost effective manner. However, this has resulted in more competitions with little or no data capture (e.g. email), and has also resulted in making it a lot more difficult to contact winners (Pages can’t directly message a Facebook fan). Another downside is that for competitions that ask for an answer as a comment, anyone can see the correct answer making it often too easy for the public to enter. This can be annoying if you want people to watch a video for the answer, or even make entry a little more interesting, innovative or difficult.

There is a simple workaround, however, that will stop correct answers from appearing under a post using your page’s “Page Moderation” filter.

For example, if you wanted to ask, “Who has scored the most tries in the Six Nations?”, once a few people start answering “Brian O’Driscoll”, everyone else will also do the same in a herd mentality.

However, to stop the correct answer showing, just follow these steps. Pop into the “Settings” section of your page. Then just click on “Page Moderation”.


Within here you just add the right answer and any variants you will accept as a correct answer for the competition. After you hit save, for anyone who comments on your page with these keywords it won’t appear to other people, and so stop people giving away the correct answer. This is particularly useful if you want people to find an answer from watching a video or maybe when hiding a clue within a photo album.

Simple little trick to do something a little bit different. Just don’t forget to remove the blocked keywords once done!

February 12, 2011


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