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iD Mobile iD Launch

The Challenge

Our brief was to launch iD, Ireland’s new mobile network.
Being completely new to the market, this meant conveying the network’s USP, as well as the features that back it up.

What makes iD completely different to any other network is its flexibility.
In short, it’s a network that allows people to change their plan based on their needs. That applies to contract length, options, phone repayment…everything!

The Insight

As a rule, consumers aren’t convinced that mobile networks have their best interests at heart.

They tend to feel that most ads focus on contrived depictions of who they are and what they want. All fitting nicely into rigid, predetermined mobile plans.

The insight? Don’t tell me what I want. Just give me what I want.

The Idea

What better way to illustrate iD’s flexibility than to create an open-ended line, full of promise and possibilities.

‘I want…’ worked as a premise which could lead to a myriad of examples of the unique features of the network, as well as a conversation starter with consumers.

The Work

We developed a range of visuals of simple objects transformed into something less ordinary, to work as intriguing metaphors for flexible features of the network.

From questionable shoes to strange new colours, the creative showed that iD has a plan to suit any consumer’s wants.

iD Mobile iD Launch

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