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iD More Data Than You Can Handle

The Challenge

Our brief was to launch iD’s new prepay proposition as a disruptive campaign that cuts through. As part of this the creative needs to position iD as a credible challenger brand.

There is a lack of trust as iD is still a relatively new brand in Ireland and the prepay marketing can be fickle, moving around to get the best data off money can buy. iD want to position themselves as ‘Ireland’s best value prepay deal’ among 15-24 year olds.

The Insight

Bigger, faster, cheaper data allowances are no. 1 priority for our target audience. All other aspects of plans and offerings have become secondary.

The fear of their data running out means they constrain their usage and get by on rations of data. But actually, all they really want is to binge. Even more so that they’re restricted all the time.

The insight? iD’s 30GB of 4G data for €15 top up – data that’s so big and so fast for so little, you control the how, when and where you use it.

The Idea

Our idea needed to focus on data. Our customers are savvy, they know what €15 is, but do they know what 30G of data is? It sounds big, but it’s not ‘unlimited’, is it?  30GB is actually tons. It’s 1 GB a day.

In fact, 30GB is ‘more data than you can handle.’ It’s hitting that next episode button on Netflix until you get bored; your favourite track on loop till you almost start to hate it; and enough Instagrams of your mate’s holiday to make you want to quit your job.

The Work

We created a world where there is so much data that our obsessions are scarily taking over our world. Your favourite game is threatening to Candy Crush you, Walking Dead zombies have you almost brain dead and oversharing is literally wrecking havoc. We needed a look and feel that speaks to our target audience and grabs their attention.

The creative was then seeded out through a custom channel grouping on social. This allowed us to specifically target the right people throughout their purchase journey.

The Results

Within the first 2 weeks of the campaign launching the sales grew by 300%. Through seeding out the content and social media testing we identified a new audience. We also delivered almost 50% of social goal conversions from this audience through effective campaign optimization.


iD More Data Than You Can Handle

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