Our work
ID Home and Away Stings

The Challenge

Our brief was to raise brand awareness by creating a set of 7” and 10” TV stings for iD’s sponsorship of the classic Aussie soap opera, Home and Away.

Simultaneously, we wanted to convey iD’s USP: flexibility.

The Insight

The thing that all fans of Home and Away delight in is the overly dramatic, and almost predictable changes and reversals of fortune that the characters go through.
They go missing, reappear out of the blue…only to disappear again. And the same goes with romantic relationships, or even actors being swapped out.

The Idea

iD is committed to being as flexible as people are changeable.
So it only seemed fitting that we would celebrate some of the stereotypical Home and Away storylines involving dramatic changes. And use them as metaphors to highlight iD’s commitment to empowering people to lead their lives freely.

The line?
Changeable plans for changeable people.

The Work

To highlight how incredulous the scenarios are – and spare to us the long trip to Oz – we recreated Summer Bay, with a slight twist. It was at Barbie and Ken scale.

Using both stop motion and CGI, we brought an entire cast of custom-made dolls to life across a whole bunch of sets and situations.

Also, to make the most of Ed Sheeran’s guest appearance on the show, we centred one of the stings around his cameo.

And no, it didn’t involve a Lego House!

ID Home and Away Stings

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