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The Challenge

Following an extremely strong and focused strategy over the last three years, Jameson had made major strides in successfully changing perceptions of the brand from an old man’s drink to permissible mixed drink in the shape of Jameson Ginger and Lime.

This meant a major shift in our content strategy for social and digital. Where previously our focus was on modernising the perception of Jameson focusing on taste and the perfect serve, we now felt that we were in a credible position where we could begin commenting on social occasions and the everyday lives of our target demographic. The connotations of whiskey as a drink that is only enjoyed by old men by the fire was gone. Whiskey was cool again.

The Approach

Outside of our always-on content for the Jameson social channels, we had clear objectives in amplification of events (Jameson Cult Film Club & Bow St Sessions) and activations of ATL campaigns (JGL and Pursuit of Possibilities).

Due to the challenges of using text heavy ATL creative on social platforms (Facebook in particular) we focused on using native video and gifs across both Facebook and Twitter to support our campaigns. This solved the problem in a sneaky way, as long as one of the frames had less than 20% text we were perfectly ok to use it! We also had the added benefit that these videos autoplay on Facebook and we kept them short enough to get the message across in a high impact way very quickly.

These videos were used as competition entry mechanics for ATL campaigns and event registrations, and to push to landing pages or longer form content where relevant.

The Idea

Our creative strategy for our content was to look at everyday situations/scenarios that our audience find themselves in. Thoughts that may cross their mind, that they may vocalise when amongst friends or just quiet tidbits that they keep to themselves, but when they see them visualised, make them smile in appreciation, and makes them think, yeah, that’s me. Jameson gets me.

We brought this same natural tone through our activations of Jameson events, and amplification of ATL campaigns.

The Work

In 2016 we developed a digital campaign called the Jameson Magic 8 Barrel to deliver on the insight that our demographic seek small, unexpected discoveries. The Magic 8 Barrel was responsive web app, that mirrored a magic 8 ball functionality but with a Jameson twist. Using the native motion sensors in phones, you could shake the 8 Ball to see where the night could take you, and potentially win tickets to the Bow St Sessions.

To support the Jameson Cult Film Club series we invited members of the public to ‘prank’ their mates by recreating iconic scenes from cult movies. Usually this involved scaring the life out of them with hilarious results. Videos were created and shared across owned social and online media.

In 2015 the sentiment around the brand amongst our target audience had shifted enough to reintroduce brand content about the history of Jameson. We found that it resonated extremely well with some posts receiving up to 2,000 interactions organically. We ensured that our copy was clever, current and engaging so that while the image may have shown the more traditional side of Jameson, the copy still resonated with our demographic.

The Results

Our strategic decision to move to more video really paid off with much higher engagements and impressions than non-video posts. On the 46 videos we have posted in the last year we have 554,515 video views, 43,802 organic views. On average our impressions were over 281% higher on video posts with 62% more engagement.

Our objective of bringing Jameson events to a wider audience online was extremely successful, and all of our live tweeting resulted in each event officially trending on Twitter.

Jameson Jameson Social

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