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The Brief

The Kofi Annan Foundation commissioned eightytwenty to create a communications program that would allow Mr Annan to reconnect with young people on a global scale and serve as a record of his significant lifetime achievement.

Our insight was that this generation of young people is unique: technology has made them the most knowledgeable generation in history, their access to information has made them the most responsible generation and their understanding of digital and social tools has made them the most powerful generation. The challenge was to gather the collective voices of these young leaders from around the globe and connect them with a global leader.

The Work

From the insights, we created the Kofi Annan Dialogues: Live. They are an unprecedented series of monthly online discussions between Kofi Annan and young people around the world. Broadcast live on a purpose built platform, with a population in excess of millions represented, the Dialogues have no second or third takes. They are a series of unedited honest conversations between young people who believe in change and a world leader who embodies the ideals the world wants to uphold and the prospect of a peaceful and prosperous global community.

We wanted to use a video streaming technology that was inherently social. Using Google Hangouts gave us a free platform for live broadcast that could be embedded anywhere as well as streaming on YouTube and Google+.

The social media response to the Dialogues has been huge with over 100.000 mentions. Our audience is truly global, reaching over 190 countries across the series.

What makes these results even more extraordinary is that they have been achieved with no media budget, but with the utilisation of Mr Annan’s social media networks, the International Telecommunications Union and One Young World to build buzz & drive interactions.

The Kofi Annan Foundation Kofi Annan

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