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Limelight 1 November 2016



November 1, 2016



What is in the Limelight today?

The Garda strike looks very likely. New emojis for iOS 10.2 are making our lives a bit more complete. The Dublin Fire Brigade showed how many bonfires lit up the city for all the wrong reasons and there’s a new radio station in town. For more just keep scrolling!


  • #NextGenDL – The conference, Next Generation of Digital Learning commenced this morning.
  • Ulster Bank – Fined 3.3 million for breaching anti-money laundering rules
  • #gardastrike – The strike is likely to go ahead as rank-and-file reject government proposals

Future trends

  • Radiohead – Announce their Dublin concert for June 2017
  • #enda – The second part of the Enda Kenny documentary is on tonight on RTE 1

In other news..

New emojis are on the horizon for iOS 10.2. The new emojis include a FACEPALM. Dreams do come true.


The Dublin Fire brigade started to trend on Twitter last night as they live tweeted the incidents that they were called to. They also created a map of all the fires which they were attending to that evening. From the map it looks like the whole of Dublin was taking the bonfire building a little too far.

Tesla wants to be the creator of the future smart house, starting with a solar roof like no other.

Telsa Roof

There is a new radio station that has just hit the airwaves. It will last for 28 days and will run 24/7. Unlike other radio stations it will have no news, presenters, ads or music. It is just a continuous conversation with 18 to 25 year olds living in Dublin. The goal behind it is to give a voice to those that would not normally have one.

Adweek have created a list of the top Halloween campaigns created this year.

Today is..

World Vegan Day

giphy (7)

Tomorrow is..

Stress Awareness Day and Deviled Egg Day

giphy (8)


eightytwenty Social Team

November 1, 2016


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