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LIMELIGHT: Ads Land In Facebook Messenger – And Supermacs Gets Cheeky


July 21, 2017



What is in the Limelight this week?

Facebook Groups are getting easier for page admins. Snapchat wants to make the process of creating ads easier for you and British Airways raise awareness for Comic Relief with Britain’s most treasured celebrities. For more, keep scrolling!

What’s on

Dinner With Darwin – 22nd July 2017

The Festival of Curiosity – 20th – 23rd July 2017

Creative Mornings (Anna Cosgrave – Repeal Project) – 28th July 2017

What’s New…


Groups Are Coming To Business Pages

Facebook is now allowing artists, businesses, brands and newspapers create groups through their business page. This will give page admins a bit more privacy as if they wanted to create a group for their page before this, they would’ve had to set it up through their personal Facebook account.


Make Your Snapchat Ads In A Snap

Snapchat have made it simpler for smaller businesses who may be tight on resources to create Snapchat ads. Snapchat have created a new tool that helps you create full screen video ads. The best thing about it? You don’t need to download any fancy software or an app that takes up most of your memory – it’s all available on your browser!

Ads Are Arriving to Messenger

It looks as though Facebook is getting so saturated with ads that they will spill over to Messenger. It has been tested in Australia and Thailand since the beginning of the year and the update should be making it’s way to the rest of the world over the next month.

In Other News…


Mac V Mc

You could say that Supermacs and McDonalds have a little bit of beef between them. Supermacs’ latest stunt to outdo the global food chain has been popping up around the country and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. At first, people thought that a Supermacs truck parked outside a McDonald’s restaurant was some wonderful instagramable coincident. Those theory’s were dashed when Supermacs’ director stated that they will in fact be popping up around McDonalds in the future.


Live Video Lies

What seemed to be a live video of a storm coming from an account simply titled ‘Newsfeed’ turned out to be something very deceiving indeed. Over 22 million people viewed the ‘live video’ what turned out to be a 3 second gif that looped for 4 hours. What does this tell us? Well, it shows the power of a Facebook Live video and the trust people have in content on the internet. Perhaps the 1 million who liked the post should second guess their newsfeed for reliable sources in future.

**Since the writing of this article the page has gone ahead and taken the looping video down. However, here’s an Instagram post showing you exactly what it looked like (you’ll just have to trust us with the figures!).

A Bit Of British Banter

British Airways pulled out all the stops for a new pre-flight safety video. With a number of appearances from your favourite British celebrities, their goal is to raise funds for their global charity partnership with Comic Relief. How you donate is different than you normally would. While on your flight there is an envelope at your seat and you are encourage to put your spare change in it no matter what currency you have on you.


See you in the next edition!

eightytwenty Social Team

July 21, 2017

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