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Limelight Vol.125 Feb 2017



February 24, 2017



What is in the Limelight this week?

A whole heap of planets were discovered and the people of Ireland kept their priorities in check when they discussed #pintbaby more than Fine Gael’s Whatsapp messages leak. Instagram are introducing albums to our feed and Whatsapp wants to make ‘status’ cool again. For more, keep scrolling!

What Ireland is Talking About…

Every so often, Ireland produces some of TVs finest gems. The latest gem came from an unexpected place. Nationwide. Naturally, the whole of Ireland was so determined to find Pint baby. As a matter of national interest, the search to track down the Guinness drinking baby escalated many prioritised this over other breaking stories. When Fine Gael’s group Whatsapp messages were leaked it was the talk of the town. However, when Pint Baby came into our lives the WhatsApp group that discussed Simon Harris’ alleged hope to get out of his Minister of Health role and into the leadership hot seat, was wiped from the nation’s memory.

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In total there were 1,291 direct posts on Twitter that were talking about pint baby. At the same time, only 630 Tweets were sent regarding the Fine Gael WhatsApp leaks.

It is suggested Fine Gael have now moved a new what’s app group to end-to-end encryption, meaning messages will be automatically deleted once read and cannot be screen shotted. Very digital savvy!

What’s New…

Instagram Albums are rolling out globally over the next few weeks! Kind of like a Facebook carousel, you’ll be able to swipe through a group of images or 10-second videos. Many think it’s to discourage the spamming of feeds. Now that person who you follow who uploads countless selfies a day can bundle them all up into a helpful album. We’re wondering whether we’ll love it or hate it.

Surprise! 🎉 Swipe left on the post above to see more. Starting today, you can share up to 10 photos and videos in one post on Instagram. With this update, you no longer have to choose the single best photo or video from an experience you want to remember. When uploading to your feed, you’ll see a new icon to select multiple photos and videos. It’s easy to control exactly how your post will look. You can tap and hold to change the order, apply a filter to everything at once or edit one by one. These posts have a single caption and are square-only for now. On a profile grid, you’ll notice the first photo or video of a post has a little icon, which means there’s more to see. And in feed, you’ll see blue dots at the bottom of these posts to let you know you can swipe to see more. You can like and comment on them just like a regular post. This update is available as part of Instagram version 10.9 for iOS in the Apple App Store and for Android on Google Play. To learn more, check out

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By 2018 YouTube will not allow advertisers to buy 30-second skippable ads. They are starting to phase out this feature this year to focus on 20 and 6-second non-skippable ads.

You know that status line underneath your friend’s name on WhatsApp? The one you haven’t update in 742 days? Well, Whatsapp is trying to bring that back. Originally, WhatsApp wanted this to be a main feature of the app. It was there so you could let your friends know where you were or what you were doing so they wouldn’t Whatsapp you because the knew ‘What was up’.

Snap Inc, the owner of Snapchat have released their Spectacles online in the US. They come in 3 different colours and are priced at $129.99.

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In other News…

Pluto, after 11 long years could become a planet once more.

Speaking of planets, scientists have just revealed that the have found 7 earth sized planets in the Trappist System orbiting a dwarf star (this is a big deal). 3 of the planets even orbit in the habitable zone (this is a huge deal).

Michael K. Williams debates himself on whether he’s been typecast and whether that was his choice or not.

A South Korean start-up has just released the latest Dot. The Dot smart watch is specifically designed for the blind and relies on touch rather than audio prompt like so many other smart watches.

Having trouble thinking up ideas for your next Facebook Live? Check out these for a bit of inspiration.

See you next week!

– eightytwenty Social Team

February 24, 2017


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