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Limelight Vol.126 March 2017



March 3, 2017



Burger King feels their best approach to encourage people to eat at their chain is to set their restaurants on fire. Facebook want to bring audio to your auto-playing videos and humans watch 1 billion hours of YouTube a day. For more, just keep scrolling!

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Our extremely talented designer Vanessa is participating in 36 days of type. The challenge is to design letters and numbers in your own way. Check out her beautiful artwork so far!

What’s New

We’ve all been there. You’re innocently scrolling through facebook on the bus but by accident, you tap a video and now you have Beyonce singing Single Ladies at the top of her lungs while you try desperately to turn down the volume or lock your phone for the sake of your fellow commuters. Well, now this may become more of a regular occurrence. Facebook hope to roll out auto-playing videos WITH audio by the end of 2017. But if you have your phone constantly on silent, it’s shouldn’t be an issue to you. PHEW.

Instagram are rolling out the feature where businesses can place advertisements into Instagram Stories after a successful trial run with 30 brands.

Could Instagram be currently trying to get rid of influencers using #ad, #spon etc.? One eagle-eyed user spotted an ‘Add Partner‘ option. Although it doesn’t do anything at the moment it looks like that Instagram want their users to become more transparent when promoting goods or services.

In Other News

Burger King used their own stats to develop their latest highly thought through ad. According to their findings, Burger King has the highest amount of fires among fast food companies in America. This is quite fitting with their view of only selling flamed grilled burgers which is most likely the reason for the fires. Burger King’s marketing agency reacted to this with pride and made this rather horrific fact the main feature in their campaign to advertise their flame grilled burgers.

BK ad

Humans of the world watched 1 BILLION hours of YouTube each day compared to their 100 million 4 years ago.

The state of Alaska is basically the size of Mexico and Kenya is bigger than Ireland and Britain put together. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself on this interactive map.

What you will learn from this article: TIME IS PRECIOUS. To keep people’s attention what does it take? Micro-videos seem to be the way forward!

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– Fausto Montanari


Were you wondering why your Slack wouldn’t work this week? Same! Turns out a lot of people were in exactly the same boat and it wasn’t plain sailing. Amazon has confirmed that their storage cloud S3 was experiencing ‘high error rates‘ which didn’t go unnoticed.

The Nokia 3310 is back and reading this article it feels like we’ve been transported back to 2002 when colour phones first came on the scene and Snake was the best thing that happened to us.

Nokia 3310


See you next week! – eightytwenty Social Team

March 3, 2017


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