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March 23, 2017

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Our work…

Should you wake up this Sunday with the fear, and then the ultimate fear when you realise what day it is (it’s Mother’s Day FYI)…we’ve got your back. Our latest work for iD takes the standard “Happy Mother’s Day” text or card and turns it into a pretty slick hybrid… The Mother’s Day TexArd.

Created utilising the freehand typography skills of one of talented our designers (Hi Vanessa!) this mini content series was shot in-studio with some fun doodles and animations to bring that iD sense of humour to life in post-production! Did even spot the pretty green iD personalised nails too?
And since iD is the flexible network, we’ve even given you a few options to choose from. So head over to the iD blog, pick the one that suits your Mum and win some favourite child points this Sunday!

What’s On…

Banter on online behaviour; 30th March, 6:30pm at Wigwam, Abbey Street, Dublin

FECKK – Fan Engagement Conference Kilkenny; 29th March, Rothe House, Parliament Street, Kilkenny.

IAB Connect 2017 Digital Convergence – Redefining Advertising; 6th April, 8:00 am – 1:00pm at Guinness Storehouse

Direct from SXSW – Key Trends 2017; 7th April with Nigel Gwilliam Consultant Head of Media and Emerging Technology, IPA London. The event takes place at Poetry Ireland.


What’s new…

Similar to Facebook Live, you can now save Instagram Live videos. The catch is they will be saved to your device and not on Instagram itself, unlike Facebook. They’ll still be an urgency to hear ‘so em’ forty times in a two-minute live video before it disappears.


Be prepared for more Twitter Live in your timeline as Twitter roles our Live streaming API access. For broadcasting, the API means that even news vans could have the ability to live-stream to Twitter playing to its strength as a news first platform.

In other news…

The world’s youngest Billionaire’s listed on Forbes Billionaires list hail from the Treaty City. John and Patrick Collison, founders of Stripe from Limerick made the updated list along with 193 other newbies. John Collison is rank ahead of  Snapchat founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy.

Lions…Lions…Lions…some bias from some of the team at eightytwenty,  the Lions have launched a new grassroots programme in partnership with the four home unions called ‘Pick of the Pride’. Four ambassadors aged 18 to 21 will be selected from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales based on their involvement and contribution to grassroots rugby, based on the Lions core values. Prepare for more Lions campaigns rolling out in the coming months.

See you next week! – Eightytwenty Social Team

March 23, 2017


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