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March 31, 2017



What’s In the Limelight this week?

Minions have taken over the new Faccebook ‘Story’ feature. Female pilots are inspiring younger woman of the world and we’re FINALLY getting broccoli emoji. Want to find out more and why the internet is furious about “Brad’s wife” losing her job? Keep scrolling.

What’s On

IAB Connect 2017 Digital Convergence – Redefining Advertising; 6th April, 8:00 am – 1:00pm at Guinness Storehouse

Direct from SXSW – Key Trends 2017; 7th April with Nigel Gwilliam Consultant Head of Media and Emerging Technology, IPA London. The event takes place at Poetry Ireland.

Whats New…

Facebook have upgraded its ‘story’ feature. Now you can get filters getting you excited for upcoming movie releases! Check out the Despicable Me filter that we’ve been trying out in the office!

Image uploaded from iOS

Have you heard of a Collection Ad? Well if you haven’t, you’ve probably have at least have seen it! Now underneath a video, image or slide show, you can add in 4 products where users can go to the product page or app with just a tap!

In other news…

Snapchat seemed to be the place to be for brands on 2016. However, since the introduction on Snapchat Stories, things have changed. Are users preferring polished and spontaneous photos in the one app or will they miss the spontaneity of Snapchat in every image you see? Check out what Digiday have to say about it.

With over 2 billion views across 2 blogging channels on YouTube, Lilly Singh has made a career from being relatable, genuine and funny along with her extremely positive energy. She is one of YouTube’s most popular bloggers and chooses the brands she works with extremely carefully. Being continuously positive in her videos a huge amount of brands have come knocking on her door feeling fairly confident that no future videos will be a risk to their brand. This piece of mind has encouraged brands like Skittles and Coca-Cola to get on board with Lilly’s uplifting vision of her brand.

Rory Sutherland proves that you don’t necessarily have to work for many different companies to climb up your career ladder. If you have great managers who you believe you can learn from, sometimes sticking with your original job can lead to some incredible opportunities.

The internet has got Brad’s wife’s back. Nanette was fired from Cracker Barrell after 11 years of service and given the reason that she simply wasn’t working out, but when she questioned her manager she wasn’t given a specific reason why. Her husband, Brad, decided to put their query on their Facebook page since many customers had commented that she was, in fact, a hard worker. With a page that is liked by 2.9 million people, the situation received a lot of attention. Now Cracker Barrell can’t put up a post on Facebook without thousands of comments being posted demanding justice for Nanette. Hopefully, it works out for the sake of Nanette and Brad’s loyal fans.

You may be surprised which age demographic is more easily influenced by Instagram ads. According to, 65-74 year olds are more likely to search for a brand which they have seen an Instagram ad for. The report also revealed what type of ad was received well for each age group. Among the results, it was found that selfie images are much more appealing to 25-34 year olds compared to other groups and then images containing only the product performed well with the 45-54 age group.

69 new emojis are landing this June and we can’t wait for broccoli.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 11.13.03

Female pilots are taking Instagram by storm. While capturing the perks of the job and the lifestyle they lead, they are inspiring women to pursue a career in the aviation industry.

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Check out these certain type of swans that are quite persistent to get to Ireland for our “warm” summers!

See you next week! – eightytwenty Social Team

March 31, 2017


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