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LIMELIGHT VOL.130 April 2017



April 20, 2017



What’s in the Limelight?

Instagram just released a new feature and it’s not a copy off Snapchat. One of your favourite presenters is becoming a hologram and Facebook wants you to design their custom lenses. For more and to see how Snapchat is taking VR to another level, keep scrolling!

What’s On?

3XE – 17th May 2017

Banter in Conversation with Stephen Donnelly – 27th April 2017

What’s new?

Instagram are bringing a sprinkling of Pinterest to their platform in the form of ‘categories‘. Now all you have to do is hold the bookmark button and save it to one of your customised categories.

Can Pepsi come back from their controversial advertisement with Kendall Jenner? According to two creatives from San Fransico, #PepsiCAN. Their idea consists of 4 worthy causes and a logo change. In depth, Pepsi would change their logo on their cans to one of 4 causes, LGBTQ rights, the Black Lives Matter movement, women’s rights and the NoDAPL (No Dakota Access Pipeline). When a customer buys one of these cans they are helping the corresponding cause as Pepsi will donate a portion of the money made from that can.

A comedian Brandon Scott Wolf is trying to make his Twitter following a religion. Yes, you read that right, a religion. If he gets over 100,000 followers on Twitter he will apply for his brand to become a religion all to avoid taxes. He’s just over 9,000 followers at the moment so he’s got a bit of work to do.

Facebook realises that you think they’ve been copy and pasting everything Snapchat is creating and transferring it to WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Messenger. However, they say all of this work was really leading up to future features and one has been released. Facebook want to get outside developers to create custom effects for the Facebook camera whether it’s in the form of a frame or AR! You can apply to use the platform now!

Branding content is going to become much easier on Facebook with their latest update. Before this update only verified pages and profiles were able to share branded content. Now Facebook is opening this feature to more pages/profiles. To easily identify branded content there will be a tag placed beside the post stating it was ‘paid’. You will now be able to add overlays and watermarks to entire videos as before it was prohibited on the first 3 seconds. If a piece of content violates a policy it will not be completely deleted. You will be notified and it will be hidden from the newsfeed but remain on your page’s feed. It will be reinstated on the newsfeed when adjustment have been made to fit the policies. Finally, Facebook will change its language to make these policies easier to understand.

Snapchat has come out with their latest feature called World Filters. Yes, you will be consumed with them when you first discover them! To activate them, continue as you were placing one of the filters on you face. Choose either the three new filters (we love the rainbow one) and change it to you rear camera and you should see an object which you can move around the screen. Take a look at Snapchats introductions to the new filters and try them out for yourselves!

David Attenborough is getting turned into a hologram. He’s partnering up with Sky to provide a virtual reality experience to visitors of the Natural History Museum in London. The Hold the World experience will allow guests handle VR fossils while Attenborough reveals their history.


See you next week!

eightytwenty Social Team

April 20, 2017


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