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LIMELIGHT VOL.131 May 2017



May 12, 2017



What’s in the Limelight this week?

Snapchats no longer have to be snappy. Have you noticed any out-of-home advertising in the streets of Dublin spying on you? Dove show that even their product come in all different beautiful shapes and sizes and check out a game we recreated for one of our clients! For more, keep scrolling!


3XE – 17th May 2017

Our Work…

So it appears the 90’s are clearly making a come back; bucket hats, oversized shell tracksuits (shudder), and non-stop conveyor belt of pop band reunions (that one can stay) AND the return of what was probably one of the first mobile phones everyone owned, the Nokia 3310. With all this nostalgia our client iD mobile asked us to come up with an idea to celebrate the return of the Nokia and we felt it was our duty to pay homage to, what we consider, the best feature on a mobile phone. Ever. A feature that helped pass the time in school, at home, at work and about any other time you needed to get through a dull bit of the day. It can only be…


Try it out by click below!


In other news…

We’ve all seen Catfish enough times to know that a Facebook profile might not be as legitimate as one thinks. Yet they’re not having any trouble finding participants so we can see that people still trust a little too much in fake profiles. Y&R Mexico created an ad for mobile company, Movistar, showing that we never really know who we are talking to online and the danger it can bring with it.

Feel like you’re being watched lately? Chances are… you are. Not only are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram taking our data but it seems street signs are too. Orbscreen who identifies themselves as an advertising agency supplies screens and the technology to monitor people who looks at the screens and their reactions towards the advertisements. The issue with this is that it captures the expressions and details of the viewer without their permission. Passersby can never simply opt out from the company taking their details, which you can do on other social media channels. Even though these advertisements are facing into public places while they record people, the question some are asking is –  “is it ethically right?”. Next time you’re around Dublin City see if you can spot them. HERE is where a few of the known ones are.

Dove’s latest campaign brings their message right into the hands of their customers. By introducing different shaped body lotion bottles, they hope to spread the message that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Did you wake up to Snapchat this week a little confused? Did the home screen look a little different? Yes, they did move all their editing options vertically rather than the original horizontal set up. But it doesn’t stop there. Now you can DRAW with emojis (this is a lot more fun than you think it might be) and you can now loop your video that you send (no, not quite like boomerang).

With many of the most popular apps today having some sort of editing feature in their platform, it is a little bit difficult to trust every image you see. That’s where Trupic comes in. Trupic is a new tool which identifies if an image has been altered or edited. It can then verify your image with a watermark containing the timestamp and geocode. You also receive a URL code so you can view the image and then cross reference it to Truepic’s database.


See you in the next issue!

eightytwenty Social Team



May 12, 2017


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