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May 29, 2017



What’s in the Limelight this week?

We’re learning all about the origins of the humble hashtag, reliving some risky brand comebacks and checking out Snapchat’s newest feature. To find out what the Sydney Opera House looked like on Friday and more, keep scrolling!

What’s On..

Learn Inbound – An inbound marketing event – 19th July 2017, 6:00pm, The Academy, Dublin

What’s New..

Make sure to update your Snapchat as you can now make custom stories with your friends! When you create your joint story you can choose who is allowed to post into your group and who is able to view it.

Instagram has introduced a new feature where you can search for stories by location and hashtag. To be included into these categories remember to add your location/hashtag to your video or image.

Another new feature on Instagram is specifically for your direct messages. You can now send links to your friends and not have to worry about your photos cropping when you upload them from your camera roll.

Insta new Insta new 2

In other news..

Ever wondered where the hashtag comes from and when it became a vital tool not just on Twitter but for the internet in general? Originally, being called ‘channels it ultimately came from programmer culture and slowly developed into the hashtag we know today.

We’re looking at paint colour swatches in a whole new light. Check out how an Italian designer incorporates them into his images usually taken around his home in Italy. He wants to show how he sees the world through his eyes and to reflect the memories he has with the particular location.

Sunset in north east of Italy. 🌊💗💙

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[ greenery] Hey @pantone of the year 2017: you are welcome! 💚💚💚

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Come with me! It’s time to discover a different (and more colorful) world.

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Think green. (Unreal Burano) #STAILtone

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On Friday the Sydney Opera House sails lit up for ‘Vivid Sydney’. The artwork featured was by Ash Bolland and the sound work was created by electronic producer Amon Tobin.

Hootsuite reminds us of some of the most risky brand comebacks we’ve seen. Thankfully their list takes us through some of the more successful tweets that made a brand seem that little bit more human.

Actress-comedian, Manon Mathews stars along side JP Sears who is known for his yoga parodies in a different type of deodorant ad. If you don’t know what PiperWai’s natuaral deodorant is you will be an expert in the topic after it’s 4 minute relatable clip.

See you in the next edition!

eightytwenty Social Team

May 29, 2017


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