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June 9, 2017



What’s in the Limelight this week?

Airbnb release their report about how impactful The Acceptance Ring was and Facebook is developing a messaging app for over 13s. We’re seeing what is being implemented to prevent Ireland becoming the most obese country in Europe by 2030 and we’re loving this artwork made out of nails.

What’s New…

Finally!! Facebook now supports GIFs! You can now upload them directly to Ads Manager by selecting the video format. Facebook has said that they’re “seeing strong adoption in developed markets but emerging and high-growth markets are lagging. For advertisers in emerging markets, GIFs are a low bitrate format (similar to slideshow) that are accessible on slow connection classes – and it works.”


Facebook are testing out video cover images for pages. Could this be the start of a redesign of Facebook to be more video focused?

Have a look at this case study by Instagram and Airbnb. Airbnb wanted to create a buzz around their new offering, “Experiences” which lets people explore a location with a tour guide who shares the same interests.

Facebook is developing a messaging app for children 13 and over where parents can monitor who their child is talking to. According to The Information, the app, called Talk, will be connected to the parent Messenger App.

Chrome will block all ads on sites particularly egregious ads, one that contain autoplay videos, take up too much of the screen, or make you wait to see the content you just clicked on. Apple have just announced that Safari will prevent videos that autoplay without your permission. With these updates, it looks like it could change the importance of web browsers.

What’s On…

Web Summit Press Conference – 22nd June

Native Breakfast, Paul Carton, Vodafone – June 14

In Other News…

Airbnb made a simple product represent their views on marriage equality in Australia. What they created was an incomplete/broken ring to show that there was something missing. Anyone can buy the ring and it is free with the only cost incurred being the postage and handling. Since the release of the ring it has made headlines around Australia.

A promo for season 5 of Ray Donovan has just been released and it has some seriously clever copy. While using the same copy but in two different sequences, it was able to portray two sides of Ray’s character.

Check out Andrew Myers 3D pieces that will make you wonder why we haven’t seen something like this sooner. It really reminding us of those metal pin boards we used to play with when we were younger!

With Ireland set to become the most obese country in Europe by 2030, some are determined to prevent this. Ireland’s Department of Health along with the HSE and food makers are developing a voluntary code of practice which will effect the marketing, product placement and sponsorship of foods containing high fat, salt and sugar. Ireland will become the first country to implement a voluntary code like this. To see the details of the code, make sure to click this link.

A Norwegian advertisement has gained over 120 million views on Facebook to find more foster homes in Norway. The ad shows the generosity of children when they see that a boy in their class has no lunch to eat. The aim was to show that a solution to a problem might be a lot closer than you think.


See you in the next volume!

eightytwenty Social Team

June 9, 2017


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