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June 23, 2017



What’s in the Limelight this week?

Snapchat has introduced Snap Maps which is very similar to Find My Friends. Linkedin is letting you use images in comments. The Fanta bottle got a makeover and Instagram added a handy new feature for their Live videos. Keep scrolling to find out more!

What’s On…

We Are Human (Marketing & Advertising Summit) – 20th July

Cannes-alysis – 17th July

What’s New…

Snapchat has introduced a new feature called ‘Snap Map’. It’s kind of like ‘Find My Friends’ but with bitmoji. It also doubles as a type of heat map where you can see where people are posting snapchats to ‘Our Story’. There is a private mode called ‘Ghost Mode‘ and you can turn it on by clicking on the settings button while you’re on the map. However it is a risk to someone who is not aware of their location being visible to the rest of their contacts. If you have your Snap Map settings set so people can view where you are, it is incredibly accurate. Depending if you’re on 4G or Wi-Fi, it’s accurate to about 10 feet and once you zoom in it displays your location on a satellite image.

Instagram are evolving their one feature that differentiates their Stories feature from Snapchat – Live video. You will be now prompted after you’ve finished a live video whether you want to keep it for 24 hours on your story or to discard it.

LinkedIn have given you the option to post images in the comment section. Now you can add in that graph you’re attempting to explain!

Whatsapp has finally allowed it’s users to share any type of file they want as long as it is under 128MB on iOS and 100MB on Android.

In Other News…

MRM//McCann’s 17 minute sci-fi film for Santander Bank has won the Entertainment Lions Grand Prix at Cannes. It raises the question, what’s more important, money or experiences?

Influencers may want to think twice before they put up a future sponsored post. The influencer Grace Mongey of @FacesbyGrace got caught up in an investigation by the advertising watchdog when a complaint was received by The Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI). Any paid content which appears on an influencer’s account usually has a hashtag included such as #spon to make sure consumers are not mislead. When snapchats promoting Miss Skinny Fit Tea were posted of the beauty blogger’s account there was no evidence of hashtags announcing that it was a sponsored post. This caused the investigation. In the end she didn’t get fined for it as her reasoning for the lack of spon or ad hashtags was that one of those hashtags featured in an earlier Tweet. The ASAI asked for those involved to take note and a “reminder was set to Miss Fit Skinny Tea that the onus is on them to make sure all advertising around their brand adheres to the ASAI code”,

Fanta’s bottle redesign has been 5 years in the making and it has finally hit shelves in the U.K., Italy, Poland, Malta, Serbia, Finland and Romania. The new bottle imitates the fruit being freshly squeezed and due to it’s unique, non-symetrical shape it was extremely difficult to get it just right.

BREAKING NEWS: The Social team as just spied it in our local Spar!

Want to know if you’re living in an average Irish household? Compare your spending to the CSO results which they’ve just released to find out!

CSO expenditure

See you next time!

eightytwenty Social Team

June 23, 2017


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