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Limelight: A Different Way To Target On Facebook – And The Latest Viral Film


August 3, 2017



What’s in the Limelight This Week?

Well, have we got a lot of news for you.. LinkedIn are updating their rules on video and multiple images in one post! Instagram Stories turned 1 and were taking a look at the latest (and sweetest) viral video on the internet. For more, keep scrolling!

What’s New


LinkedIn Finally Welcomes Video

LinkedIn have started to roll out a brand-new video feature on its mobile app. Users can now upload native video up to 10 minutes long. Why is this new feature important? Well it gives businesses an opportunity to get their videos in front of other businesses. Something that Snapchat and Instagram aren’t doing. It will also allow the poster of videos to see rich data including information about the viewers themselves such as where they work, their job title and what industry they work in. How do you think this will help the smaller businesses who will finally get to reach companies they want to work with?



Facebook TV is said to be arriving later this month and we’re keeping our fingers crossed. After a few delays we can’t wait to see what Facebook’s original programmes have to offer and if it will be as addictive as Netflix.


Messenger Gets That Bit Smarter

Facebook Messenger is getting friendlier with brands. If you were worried about whether or not to use a bot in case it would cause more issues than good, worry no more. Facebook Messenger have unveiled a new update where they will build in natural language processing. This update will detect if the language a customer uses is suitable to be dealt with by using a bot or if they need to send it to the page for further assistance. The platform is also rolling out call to action buttons such as “Shop Now”, “Get Support” and “Play Now”.


A New Way Of Facebook Targeting

It looks like Facebook are rolling out a new way to target people. When you’re creating your custom audiences, you will soon have the option to target people who have responded to your event with ‘Going’ or ‘Interested’. This feature is a great opportunity for the likes of mass event sponsors and organisers. After an activation in the physical world where hopefully they would get the brand’s product in hand they can continue the journey after the event if targeted correctly.


Get The Bigger Picture (OR PICTURES) With LinkedIn

It has been a busy few weeks for LinkedIn as they have another new feature rolling out. You can now (or if not now, very soon) send multiple photos in a single post on iOS. LinkedIn have assured their users that this feature is coming to Android and desktop soon!


Birthday Celebrations

It has been one whole year and a day since Instagram Stories have graced our mobile screens. In celebration of their birthday they have included some interesting stats in their latest blog post and have given the 250 million Instagram Stories users a few new birthday stickers to celebrate!

In Other News


2 Billion People Are In The Facebook Community

Mark Zuckerberg has released Facebook’s latest quarterly results. The Facebook community now has 2 billion members. To put that into perspective that means over a quarter of the world’s population has a Facebook account.


One Of The Best Viral Videos You’ll See This Year

If you haven’t seen it already get ready for the heartwarming short film of the year. Posted on the 31st of July it has already reached over 10 million views on YouTube and has been praised particularly by the LGBT community. Take a look at the video that everyone knows deserved to be more than 4 minutes long.


Influencers triple the complaints sent to the ASAI

Uh oh, it looks like ‘influencers’ are ruffling a few feathers three times more than they did last year. The Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland said that 33 complaints have been made this year regarding influencers promoting products online. In 2011, this number was just 11! The number increased around the time when a complaint towards Faces By Grace was investigated and the complaint was neither upheld or rejected but there was a statement made by the ASAI. This shows more and more people are becoming aware when influences are bending the guidelines on their social media pages.


100% My Type On Paper

For the last nearly 2 months, it seems like the whole country has been obsessed with Love Island. Even though the show was simply made for entertainment purposes, we can learn a lot from the show about how to captivate an audience and keep coming back for more.


See you in the next edition!

Eightytwenty Social Team


August 3, 2017

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