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eightytwenty Operation Covfefe

The Diagnosis

They said it wouldn’t last, and hopefully it won’t, but Trump has made it past the year one mark. And like the skid mark that he is on the face of the planet, he has certainly left an impression.

Timed perfectly with the medical report that he’s a 71 year old medical mogul marvel, we decided to take a look back over his year, and his total disregard for the American constitution, through the medium of Mr Trump’s own physical constitution.

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The Operation

Standing at an impressive 6ft 2, and weighing in at a completely healthy, and not at all made up, 239 pounds, this larger than life character has held the attention of the world while simultaneously holding us captive to his whims and tantrums.

It seems wrong to use the term “highlights” because anyone with a cognitive brain (his is 30/30 FYI) knows that there is not one thing that this man has done that could be considered a “highlight”. Except, perhaps, for the ones on his head.

With the use of simple, but easily recognisable graphics, we put Trump under the microscope and onto the operating table. Reworking the Operation game into a mobile first design. Gameplay was incorporated using tap and swipe actions.


The Rehabilitation

We released the game online and through social media encouraged people to come and explore every grimy inch of Trump’s body as we recalled some of his “standout” moments in the past year.

Knowing he lacks certain attributes, a funny bone for instance, we reimagined the nuts and bolts of trump with other ailments that we deemed more Presidentially appropriate.

And to match his fiery temper, should you bother the Donald, you’ll face his fury and trigger-happy tendencies.

eightytwenty Operation Covfefe

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