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Aldi Academy Record Breaking Digital Creative

The Challenge

When high performing graduates and skilled professionals consider advancing their careers, they overlook retail in favour of more conventional sectors. The conventional options offer a proven, familiar program. They’re ultimately risk-free.

At Aldi, the process is different but highly effective. At the epicenter of this process is its people, whom Aldi values more than it dares to communicate.

The challenge is communicating this in a credible way to elevate Aldi to a top career choice for both graduates and professionals.

The Insight

Any career move, whether starting out as a graduate or deciding to

change focus and move industry is daunting. Faced with a multitude of options, career choices, people’s minds are in overdrive. It is a time of questioning, double guessing, and ultimately looking for that alignment of mind and ‘gut-feeling’.

At the same time, candidates are focused on what they personally stand for and want to associate themselves with companies and organizations that mirror their own values.

They are seeking proof from future employers that they are understood and valued.

The Idea

Executed in two phases, our first piece acknowledged the understanding of our candidates’ internal “Struggle” as they evaluate the opportunities available to them.

While the second piece, “Takes A Village”, showcased Aldi and its Graduate and Career Changer programmes holistically. Giving potential candidates an opportunity to see more of Aldi as an organisation rather than just a retail space; its beliefs, values, and involvement in the communities it serves.

The Results

One month post launch, Aldi Academy recorded a record-breaking volume of applicants, website traffic and positive engagement.

This has been the most successful campaign for the Academy to date.

Aldi Academy Record Breaking Digital Creative

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