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Siro Broadband That Just Works

The Ask

Broadband providers were stepping over each other to claim themselves as the “fastest”, “superfastest”, “lightningfastpowered” connection speeds in the game.

We realised that being the fastest connection is all well and good; but it’s not worth a damn if you can’t rely on it. Something that our rural audience would recognise all too well.

We decided to highlight the fact that SIRO is the most reliable broadband provider. It’s fast, sure, but more importantly, it’s a broadband connection you can trust.

The Idea

Everyone has had one of those awkward, “sweaty-palm” moments that occur when the internet fails. Maybe you’re paying with card and a delay on it going through means that for a few tense, embarrassed seconds you don’t know if it’s the connection or if there’s no money in your account, or you’re trying to swipe right on Tinder and you miss a promising connection.

We wanted to contrast this insight to demonstrate that with showing how SIRO’s reliability will help prevent those situations.

The Execution

We wrote a series of comedy sketches based on the premise “those awkward moment when broadband lets you down”.

 Movie Night sees what happens when your TV buffers while watching an awkward love scene with your mam.

Skyping The Folks shows an awkward moment when your broadband cuts out while Skyping.

These sketches lived online, which meant we had the scope to make them feel less like adds and more like short scenes based around a funny premise. It also allowed us to push the humour slightly.

Siro Broadband That Just Works

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