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Snapchat: The 3rd Most Popular Social Network in Ireland



November 13, 2013

So Snapchat turned down an offer of $3 Billion from Facebook, a sum of money that is beyond comprehension for most and a sum that many of us probably would have ’snapped’ at.

So we ran a test and found Snapchat was the 3rd most discussed social network on Twitter in Ireland for the three months to Tuesday November 12th.
Lots of brands gauge their mentions on Twitter in comparison to competitors, so why not do the same for social networks? Looking at tweets posted in between August 13th and November 12th (long before this news broke), we found the following results;

• Twitter 469,504 mentions
• Facebook 297,766 mentions
• Snapchat 109,005 mentions
• Youtube 82,698 mentions
• Instagram 76,120 mentions
• Tumblr 48,969 mentions
• Whatsapp 22,077 mentions
• Vine 14,114 mentions
• LinkedIn 10,142
• Spotify 6,389

Unsurprisingly the number of mentions on Twitter of Twitter pushed the microblogging platform into first place and seeing Facebook in the top two places was no surprise either. However the big surprise for us was seeing just how popular Snapchat was amongst Twitter users in Ireland. Pushing it above more established networks such as Youtube, Instagram and LinkedIn. Google+ didn’t make the Top 10.

If this popularity is replicated across the globe maybe that $3 Billion looks like small change now?

November 13, 2013


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