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LIMEIGHT: An Unexpected Guest At TEDx – AND TAY IS BACK


August 25, 2017



What’s In The Limelight This Week?

360 images come to cover photos, Instagram get another new Face Filter and there was an unexpected guest speaker at a recent TEDx event. For more, keep scrolling!

What’s New

Facebook Targeting Gets That Little Bit More Stalkerish

Facebook is testing new ways to target audiences and their latest tool is to target users who have visited a particular store. You will find this targeting option when you create a custom audience. presumes that the way Facebook would be able to identify visitors would be down to the in-store Wi-Fi signal allowing Facebook to estimate a location.

Seeing Instagram In A New Light

Instagram have rolled out a rainbow light filter that was inspired by their community. The rainbow filter shines across your face and can appear horizontal or vertical. It will of course be still accessible alongside boomerangs and video rewinds.


360 Images Get Easier

Facebook has allowed users to use 360 images as cover photos. Not only this but forget making a 360 video by yourself because now you can make 360 images in the Facebook app!

In Other News

35 GIFs To Make Going Back To School That Much Easier

As summer is almost over for many students, let’s look back at a campaign that may pop up again this month. Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven, from Stranger Things) has got you covered for all of your back to school GIF needs. She’s continued to work with Converse and conveys 32 emotions school goers may be familiar with when school reopens for another year.

With these GIFs, Converse demonstrates an understanding of their audience and behaviour with social in mind. Short formats, that grab attention for their brand while providing shareable emotive moments that complement the way people like to express themselves. The idea is flexible and can be flawlessly framed, flexed and expanded across the required channels.

Have We Seen The Best One Yet?

See how many of these ads you recognise. Adweek have picked, what they feel, are the best ads of 2017 so far. Do you agree? We’re stilling praying that Carter gets his 18 million tweets for his precious nuggets.

An Unexpected Guest At TEDx

An unexpected speaker made an appearance at a TEDx event in Copenhagen. It was J.C Jacobsen, the founder of Carlsberg. It was of course an actor as the real founder has been dead for 130 years however, the message conveyed was still on the same standard as any other TEDx event. His message? To answer every question with ‘Probably’ as a question answered with either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ is static – something that Jacobsen recommends not to be.

Little Fun Fact

Twitter’s Hashtag turned the grand old age of 10 on Wednesday! Did you know that the hashtags real name Octothorp? Mind. Blown.


Last but definitely not least, Taylor Swift is BACK. Did you really think that we weren’t going to include this? You won’t be able to avoid the country star turned pop star for the foreseeable future as fans speculate and analyse every song she will release. If you haven’t heard her song yet, fear not as we’ve popped it in below.



See you in the next edition!

Eightytwenty Social Team

August 25, 2017

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