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LIMELIGHT: Canvas Comes to Instagram – YouTube’s New Look


September 8, 2017




YouTube has got a new feel to it. Instagram Stories come to Facebook and canvas ads come to Instagram. For more and to see what type of shop popped up on the side of a cliff, keep scrolling!

What Is New?

Instagram Stories make their way to Facebook & Browsers

Viewing Instagram Stories are now not just exclusive to the mobile. Stories are being rolled out on to browsers, meaning that you don’t have to be attached to your phone to catch your favourite celebrity’s latest Insta Story. Not only this, but soon you soon may have the option to post your Instagram Story to Facebook Stories. The whole Facebook Stories thing hasn’t exactly caught on since its introduction so would this make Facebook the future place to go when publishing Stories?


YouTube’s New Look

YouTube has a fresh new look and a few updates added to their app that will bring a huge amount of joy to the avid YouTube user. Check out the video below to see all the updates!


Preventing The Spread of Fake News

Facebook are taking more steps to stamp out false news on their platform. This update targets pages who repeatedly share false news stories by banning them from buying Facebook ads. If they change their ways however, they may be eligible to start running ads once again.


Canvas ads are slowly making their way to Instagram

A year after Facebook stated that they intended to bring the immersive ads over to Instagram it looks like they’re finally being tested out!

In Other News…

“We In 2037 Now”

The internet is going crazy over this one 360 tweet. We REALLY recommend to view this on a mobile. Even Chrissy Teigen has retweeted it so you know it’s got to be good.


A Cliff Hanger Has A Completely Different Meaning Now

A couple of weeks ago a brand-new pop up of store was open. A store that was going directly to their target market. A store that was there when their customers needed them most. But there was one catch. It was on the side of a 300-foot cliff. The pop up shop was all part of a stunt to create awareness around a company called 37.5 Technology that supplies advanced materials for many items including outdoor apparel. Some of the fabrics end up in clothes from Adidas and Rab.

pop up shop cliff


The Mastermind Behind The Heinz Can, George

This new heart-warming Heinz ad is melting the coldest of hearts on the internet. What could have easily captured our attention as a full-length film has landed on TVs around Australia. The video introduced Heinz Australia’s new names for their different sized cans of baked beans. The video introduces each one beautifully and will make you stop and think what one you need and maybe take advice from the ad’s star, George.

Now, it is 3 minutes long so not ideal for social however, it has been split into 15 second segments to be better suited. Check out the full video below.


Hacking An Instagram Story

Lowes and BBDO created these lovely little micro Instagram Stories that give you the big picture of how a room can be transformed. What makes it brilliant? The room they are transforming fits into the same dimensions as an Instagram Story would be in. And what makes it even better? Each segment of the story is less than 1 second which means that even if viewers tap through the 64 segments they are still getting the full story. Take a look at how the story would have been viewed by Instagram users, below.


A little tip

Introduced back in late 2016, it seems to have been getting some attention lately so we’re just going to leave this here in case you didn’t know. Google has a handy little tool for designers. Simply type in to Google search gbr to Hex and you will get a colour picker tool that will do just that!

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 12.22.52

See you in the next edition!

Eightytwenty Social Team

September 8, 2017

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