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LIMELIGHT: Is iOS 11 a work in progress? – 6 second ads are coming



September 22, 2017



What Is In The Limelight This Week?

Your Bitmoji is now even more like you, 6 second ads are coming and IKEA is taking full advantage of the iOS update. To see why everybody is loving Netflix’s cease and desist letter and more, keep scrolling!

What’s New

Bitmoji Got A BIT More Real.

Our favourite mini version of ourselves has gone and launched itself in augmented reality on Snapchat. And we love it. Snapchat is really showing its ambition to be recognised as a camera company and not just a photo sharing app. If these new filters are anything like the face filters, be sure to expect new ones popping up every few days!

iOS 11 Unfinished Details

If you have the new iOS, when you downloaded it, did a certain few things seem a little off? But could you not pinpoint what it was? Well, you’re in luck because a designer compiled a comprehensive list of every feature that didn’t quite meet Apple’s usual standard. (the Weather App change will annoy me for life)

Weather App iOS 11



6 second ads are coming

Brace yourselves. 6 second videos are going to be huge. With Google and Fox’s support we can be sure to see them in the near future. Facebook has also stated that it is something they were going to work on. Google’s own video platform, YouTube calls these type of videos bumper ads and they seem to be working, as in a recent study 9 out of 10 bumper ads drove ad recall. It also is a more efficient way to direct messages towards millennials as attention spans are getting shorter and shorter.

In Other News

IKEA takes full advantage of iOS 11

Have you downloaded iOS 11? Well good the good news is that you can download IKEA’s newest app, PLACE. The PLACE app can scan your room and gives you a variety of IKEA furniture you can pop into your room to see just how it looks and fits before you buy the real deal. Unlike their previous app, this one will actually display the furniture to scale so you don’t get any nasty surprises when you unbox it. No measuring tapes needed. Rejoice!

McDonalds lights up France

Is it just me or is McDonald’s very slyly getting into the Christmas spirit with their latest illustrations? Over in McDonald’s France they wanted to remind people that they are open late. Using a bit (or a huge amount) of wire and LED lights and photographing them with a bokeh effect, they were able to create posters with a ‘night time’ effect. Can you see what they are meant to be?

MCDO_OpenLate_Burger MCDO_OpenLate2_fries


Netflix close down unauthorised Stranger Things Bar

Ah Netflix. You almost want us to be rule breakers with this letter. A Stranger Things bar popped up just recently in Chicago. Of course, Netflix were not going to be thrilled with the news as it had nothing to do with them. However, instead of scaring the bar owners into closing it down, Netflix’s legal department wanted to speak in a true Stranger Things fan language in the cease and desist letter below to lessen the blow.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 11.01.58


Sainsbury’s and Burger King got Spectacles

Burger King and Sainsbury’s are the first two Snapchat clients who have used Spectacles to shoot an ad for the Snapchat platform. Could we see circular ads all over Snapchat now and will advertisers get on board even if their rectangle ads are working just fine?


See you in the next edition!

Eightytwenty Social Team

September 22, 2017


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