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LIMELIGHT: Instagram’s SUPER ZOOM – Creepy Movies from Mars



October 27, 2017

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What’s in limelight this week?

It’s Halloween so naturally brands are getting into the scary spirit! Instagram are ZOOMING in on you big time and there will be no privacy in politics on Twitter anymore. For more, keeping scrolling


What’s New?


You’re Going To See A Lot Of These Videos VERY Soon

Instagram have introduced a ‘super zoom’ feature. It doesn’t seem to be popping up on our phones yet so, Ireland may me left waiting in suspense that little bit longer.

No Privacy In Twitter Politics

In the future, if you’re served an election related ad on Twitter you will know about it. Twitter are introducing labels that will be added to any election related ads. Not only that but you’ll be able to see who is pushing these ads your way. This is all because of the “lack of disclosure for political spending on social media”. The changes will first be seen in America and then will be released globally.

2 Heads Are Better Than 1

Now you can let your co-star join your Instagram Live! Think of the potential dynamic duos to grace our screens!

Pinterest Just Made Search Interesting

Pinterest has introduced a feature where businesses can target Pinterest users based on what they’re searching for. For example, if you want ideas for a pair of statement socks and you search for this on Pinterest, up might pop an ad for socks at Target.


In Other News…


This What Happens If Phones Aren’t Banned From Dinner

Common Sense Media bring in Will Farrell to demonstrate what family dinners could be like (or currently like!) if phones aren’t set aside for the meal. Will plays the social media obsessed father of three in a series of dark comedy clips. The rest of his family long for his attention at dinner time however, the only thing that can seem to hold his attention is his phone.

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

This is what happens when the remainder of a hurricane and floods hit a cider orchard in Tipperary.

Candy Just Got Creepy

Mars released 2 minute horror movies for some of their most loved products. Judging on viewers’ reactions, Skittles’ Floor 9.5 is the creepiest. One piece of advice we’ll give you; don’t watch these if you want to get a good night’s sleep!

Putting The KIT Back Into KAT

Whiskas released a series of ads featuring their new campaignKat Institute of Technology. An insight into the life of college going cats.

A YouTube Video With A Curse

Svedka Vodka are being particularly honest to their customers when it comes to retargeting online. The idea is that once you watch (are cursed with) a particular video you are retargeted (visited) with banner ads tailored to your location and vodka preferences.

See you in the next edition!

Eightytwenty Social team

October 27, 2017


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